Our DIY hot sauce making kit is incredibly fun to use! The only kits that lets you make your own delicious hot sauce at home in 30 minutes backed by unlimited support!

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About the kit..✍️ 

We promise you can figure it out. Or it's free. 100,000 bottles of hot sauce can't be wrong! It takes just 30 minutes to make your own homemade hot sauce! Homemade hot sauce is just as good as store-bought – or even better. Love it or it's free. Try 30 Days Risk Free!

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Everything you need to make your DIY hot sauce. Including 5 Peppers and tools! Get your sauce ready!

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quick q's... more below 👇

What ingredients are included in the kit? 🤔

*1 Packs of Hot Sauce Seasoning Blend, *1 Bottles of White Vinegar, and 5 Different Variety Bags of Peppers.

What Peppers Are Included? 🤔

1x Bag of Ancho Chile Peppers, 1x Bag of Chipotle Peppers, 1x Bag of Habanero Peppers, 1x Bag of Ghost Peppers, 1x Bag of Carolina Reaper Peppers

What Tools Are Included? 🤔

* Set of 6 Fun Bottle Stickers, * 3 Glass Hot Sauce Bottles, * 3 Hot Sauce Dispenser Caps, *3 Black Closure Caps, *1 Stainless Steel Funnel, *1 Disposable Measuring Cup, *1 Pair of Food Safe Gloves and *1 Hair Net

 Is the kit easy to use for beginners? 🤔

Yes, the kit is easy-to-use and comes with step-by-step recipes, bottles, and labels to help you create your favorite sauces with personalized heat levels.

How long does it take to make a recipe? 🤔

Each recipe takes about 20 - 30 minutes to make.

Free Bonus Items? 🤔

Beautiful Color Photo Recipe Book & Instructions and a luxury Gift Box!

How Kitsy Works 🔬

Step 1:

Choose Your Heat Level 🔥

Browse the included recipe book and select your preferred heat level—Mild, Medium, Hot, or Extremely Hot.

Step 2:

Simmer Ingredients 🌶️

Combine the Kitsy ingredients in a pot. Let them simmer to infuse flavors.

Step 2:

Simmer Ingredients:

Combine the Kitsy ingredients in a pot. Let them simmer to infuse flavors.

Step 3:

Blend to Perfection 🫕

Transfer the simmered ingredients to a blender and pulse for a few seconds until smooth.

Step 4:

Bottle Up 🍶

Pour your freshly made hot sauce into the provided bottles for easy storage and serving.

Step 4:

Bottle Up

Pour your freshly made hot sauce into the provided bottles for easy storage and serving.

Step 5:

Savor and Share❤️‍🔥

Enjoy your homemade hot sauce on any dish, and impress your friends and family with your new cooking skills.

So, what's Kitsy Box DIY Hot Sauce Kit?

Everything you need to make your own hot sauce! Includes tools, vinegar, seasoning blend, peppers, and recipe book! Our recipe book includes 8 unique hot sauce recipes, along with blank recipe pages, for you to create your own hot sauce recipes! Create homemade hot sauce in 30 minutes!

all of your questions, answered 🙋🏻‍♀️

How long can I store my hot sauce? 🤔

We recommend enjoying your homemade hot sauce in the fridge and enjoying it within 6 months for the freshest flavors and most vibrant colors.

Can the heat level of the hot sauce be customized? 🤔

Yes, the kit comes with a mix of ghost pepper, habanero, chipotle, ancho chile, and carolina reaper which can be customized to your desired heat level.

How long does the gift stay good for? 🤔

They last for at least 1 year!

Do you need to buy many other ingredients to make all the recipes? 🤔

Some recipes recommend adding tomatoes!

Are the peppers whole or ground? 🤔

The peppers are whole!

Customer Reviews

Based on 424 reviews
Michael Johnson

Absolutely love this kit! The instructions are clear, and the flavors are incredible. Perfect for any hot sauce enthusiast.

Sarah Smith

This was a fun and delicious project! I made some fantastic hot sauces with unique flavors.

Jennifer Anderson

The Kitsy Box DIY hot sauce kit exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!

Ashley Thomas

This kit was a hit at our family gathering. Everyone loved making and tasting the hot sauces.

Christopher Davis

Great product! The ingredients are top-notch, and the end result was restaurant-quality hot sauce.

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